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LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. — Police in Lawrenceburg say they have identified the motorcyclist seen attacking a driver on camera.

Video taken on Sunday from what appears to be a traffic camera shows three motorcyclists pull up next to a black vehicle stopped at an intersection of U.S. 50 and Lorey Lane in Greendale.

One of the riders jumps off his bike and is then seen punching the driver of the vehicle several times before getting back on the motorcycle and riding off.

Police say the driver was knocked unconscious, and his vehicle went forward hitting a truck in front of him.

Investigators say they have identified the suspected attacker but have not released his name. They also have identified the two other riders seen in the clip but say they were not “familiar” with the suspect nor had anything to do with the attack.

Lawrenceburg police have not said anything about a female passenger on the suspect’s motorcycle.

The case will be reviewed by the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s Office.