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INDIANAPOLIS – We’re learning more about an excessive force lawsuit filed against IMPD officers.

Our cameras were recording as officers arrested Ivoré Westfield and Rachel Harding on May 31 in downtown Indianapolis. Video shows the officers repeatedly hitting Westfield with batons and pepper balls.

The lawsuit claims officers told them they were under arrest for violating curfew.

It also claims both women had a clearly-established constitutional right to be free from excessive force and neither of them posed a threat to these officers.

IMPD reassigned the three officers and one sergeant after the incident. The officers and the sergeant are unnamed because IMPD has declined to provide that information, according to court documents.

The two women and their legal team held a news conference at 11 a.m. to discuss more details of the lawsuit.

Attorney Terrance Kinnard said it’s very concerning how they treated the women despite the fact that the women were complying with the officers’ commands. He says they initially charged Westfield with felony battery of law enforcement, but “we know by that video, that never occurred.”

He also said Westfield was held in jail for three days without any medical attention. She was not given bond. On the third day she was released with no other info other than, “You’re free to go.”

GRAPHIC VIDEO WARNING: This video is violent. Viewer discretion is advised.