Learn how many Andrew Luck touchdowns would pay off your mortgage

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by Lindy Thackston

Most people spend years and years saving money to buy a home and pay it off. That’s usually not the story for an NFL quarterback, but it might surprise you just how quickly Andrew Luck could pay your bill in full.

Travis Sawrie works for Movoto Real Estate and is always looking for ways to make real estate interesting.

An idea popped in his head one day over lunch with his wife in Lafayette. The two were talking about their home search.

“I kept thinking about how much money I make versus how much money professional players make,” said Sawrie.

After a lot of number crunching, the Andrew Luck Mortgage Calculator was born. Sawrie also developed a Peyton Manning Mortgage Calculator—but No. 18 wouldn’t have to work quite as hard as Luck.

Mortgage Broker Michele Pavey said the calculations for both players are eye-opening.

“People struggle every day to make their home payments,” said Pavey. “It takes them 30 years to pay off a home when it could take them one touchdown.”

Pavey isn’t being sarcastic. The calculator shows a $200,000 mortgage would cost Luck one touchdown, 13 pass completions or 159 yards.

“I just shook my head and started laughing,” said Sawrie.

He said laughing is all he can do, because the closest he’ll get to being a quarterback is being an armchair one.

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