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DELPHI, Ind. — Libby German’s grandma, Becky Patty, says she and her family were as stunned as everyone else was when a transcript of an interview investigators did with Kegan Kline went public.

That transcript revealed that an account going by ‘anthony_shots,’ which investigators say Kline used to solicit nude images of underage girls, was one of the last people to communicate with Libby the day she and Abby Williams were murdered.

Those transcripts also revealed that ‘anthony_shots’ was supposed to meet Libby and Abby on the trails the day of the murders.

“In the beginning, they were rumors that maybe this could be social media related and then we were led to believe that it wasn’t social media,” Becky said. “I was afraid to maybe accept that it was social media because then I let them down. I didn’t catch it.”

On Monday, Indiana State Police expanded their search for tips about “anthony_shots” to the social media app Yubo.

Yubo has been dubbed “Tinder for Teens” because users can swipe to mark what profiles they like and don’t like. It also allows them to livestream and chat with users based on their location.

“During the time of review, it was easy to find substance use, profanity, racial slurs, and scantily clad people,” non-profit, watchdog Common Sense Media wrote in its review of the app.

Indiana State Police are asking anyone who communicated with “anthony_shots” on Yubo, Instagram or Snapchat to give them a call.

“It shows us that maybe they’re narrowing things down a little more specific,” Becky said. “We don’t know where this is leading, and we don’t know what causes them to ask for this.”

Becky said she blames herself for not being more aware of Libby’s social media use.

The transcripts and court documents revealed that Kegan Kline, and possibly his father, used that account to solicit images and communicate with underage girls.

“I’m very angry that grown men would even do something like this. They are kids. They’re little girls you know. They are preying on their innocence,” Becky said. “There’s a special place in hell for those people.”

Becky said she and her family are still shocked at what those transcripts revealed. She said they had no inkling that Libby was planning to meet someone when she asked to go to the trails the last day anyone saw her or Abby Williams in February 2017.

She hopes this case can serve as a warning to parents everywhere.

“The best thing that a parent can do is talk to your children,” Becky said. “You may not be able to monitor them on social media, but you sure can talk to them.”

She is asking that parents go through their kids’ old phones to see if they had any contact with the “anthony_shots” account.

Neither Kegan Kline, nor his father, has been charged in the murders of Abby and Libby.

Anyone with information is asked to contact law enforcement at or 765-822-3535.