Life-sized, bloody crucifix turning heads in Camby

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CAMBY – A life-sized and bloody crucifix in Camby is turning a lot of heads.

The religious symbol which sits in the front yard of a home on Paddock Rd. displays Jesus Christ on a cross covered in blood. So much blood, it scared neighbor Ashley Hinchman.

“It scared me to death. It looks like something out of a Carrie movie,” she said. “I almost ran off the road!”

A man driving by slowed down and took a good look at it and told Fox 59, he loved it.

“I feel it’s great. I live just right down the road here,” he said before driving off.

The owners of the crucifix did not want to be identified, but said they put it up a few days ago as an expression of their faith. They felt like they could, because of the freedom of speech and did not know when they would take it down. They said they would be happy to talk to Hinchman about their beliefs.

Hinchman said she is all for religious expression, as she pointed to a sculpture of an angel in her other neighbor’s backyard. However, she thought the crucifix is excessive.

“Whenever they came out with the Passion of the Christ, you have a choice to go see that. You don’t have to go see that if you don’t want to. But whenever you drive by that every single day and have to see it, you know, it’s a little offensive,” she explained. “I think you can do things in a little more moderation to respect your neighbors and the people around you.”

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