‘Like a bomb went off’: Family escapes close call after someone throws objects off bridge

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A drive home turned into a close call for a central Indiana family.

On Saturday night, the Barlows were on 465 East, heading to Seymour.  As soon as they got to a bridge between U.S. 31 and 65, they heard a terrifying sound.

“It was like an explosion, it really was. It was like a bomb went off,” said Janet Barlow, a passenger.

The Barlow family says someone threw something off the bridge and whatever it was, it smashed into the sunroof. David Barlow was driving with his two daughters in the back and his 85-year-old mother in the passenger’s seat.

“It did scare us all. We were really frightened because we didn’t know what it was,” Janet said.

Now strips of duct tape cover where the sunroof glass used to be.

“I can get another car. I can’t get another family,” David said.

While the sunroof cover was closed and whatever was thrown didn’t come through, it was still a close call. Inches and seconds were the difference between hitting the top of the car versus the windshield.

“I think the right place at the right time because it could’ve been so much worse,” David said.

It wasn’t just the Barlow family at risk on the road.

“That could’ve been a three-, four-, 10-car pileup that happened and just so many lives that could’ve been in the equation for a senseless act,” David said.

The Barlows know catching whoever is responsible will be tough.  This thankful family wants the suspects to realize it’s not about a punishment, it’s about realizing they’re putting lives in danger.

“What if it could’ve been their family that that happened to and their whole family was in the car and the exact thing happened to them?” David said.

The family did call 911 and reported the incident to Indiana State Police.

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