Linda Reich talks transition, embracing opportunity in Indy

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It's been a whirlwind 2018 for the Reich family. Days removed from a Super bowl Win with the Eagles, they were gathered on stage at Lucas Oil Stadium in front of their new town with a new spotlight.

“Some people say the backup role, or Frank has said, ‘the backup role has suited him well,’  and I think navigating change has suited me well,” the wife of the Colts head coach said.

Frank and Linda have been married more than 30 years, “but we have known each other since sixth grade, so a long time,” she said with a smile. And as an NFL wife, Linda had learned to embrace the change that came with five coaching stops in a decade.

“I really have learned just to unearth everything there is in a community and enjoy what’s there, enjoy the people there and make the most of every city we’ve ever lived in,” the mother of three explained.

Linda tells me that her love of football even precedes her life with Frank.

“I have always loved the sport,” she admitted. “My father loved the sport, my brother played and it was just always part of our family. Sunday’s were football Sunday’s.”

Juggling the demands of the season means time as a family is limited, but the Reich's make the most of the quiet moments, when they have them, sharing a common interest.

“Funny little secret,” Linda said with a laugh. “For Frank and I, we both love to read and during the season, he doesn’t get to read a whole lot, so when he comes home we will just sit and read books. I will read books to him while he is kind of relaxing, sitting on the sofa, so it’s kind of a nice way to decompress.”

The head coach a book-lover just like his quarterback.

“I think they are always exchanging different books,” Linda said of Andrew Luck and Frank. “Usually once a week he’s coming home telling me, ‘Andrew told me about this book, or that book.’”

Down time has certainly been minimal since that February introduction, but having witnessed firsthand this fan base and community embrace their first year head coach, Linda isn't rushing this season to a close.

“It’s just really amazing to be part of all that energy,” Linda said. “Some days I pinch myself and think, ‘this is amazing.’ To be here in this city, with this organization right now, it’s just really a blessing.”

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