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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The death of a Detroit meteorologist is raising concerns about the connection between Lasik eye surgery and suicide.

Jessica Starr complained about her recovery on social media before taking her life last week. In the aftermath of her death, those social media posts sparked a national conversation.

This includes people in support groups saying they felt suicidal or depressed or know of others who took their own life after the surgery.

Doctors at 20/20 Eye Institute in Indianapolis say some people can have side effects like dry eyes for a longer period of time.

They say more severe complications are discussed with patients.

A recent study including the FDA found that less than 1 percent of the participants said they had a hard time with their usual activities after Lasik surgery.

However, up to 46 percent of people with no prior visual problems before surgery started having some visual complaints three months after surgery.

“It’s your eyes, your only pair of eyes and it’s a one way street. If it goes badly there’s no going back,” said Paula Cofer, founder of Lasik Complications Support Group.