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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A local artist is turning a life changing disease into success.

Wendell Lowe was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009. Eventually, the disease progressed to the point where he lost the ability to use a paint brush.

Instead of giving up his passion, Lowe transformed his craft. Instead of brush tips, he now uses his own fingertips.

“It’s frustrating, because there’s so much you need to do as an artist that’s taken away from you with Parkinson’s. I’ve had to adapt the way I do art as the Parkinson’s progresses,” he said.

With his version of finger-painting, Lowe creates works of art that he says “speaks to his soul”.

He says many of his pieces document his struggle with Parkinson’s. In some of his works, he incorporates items like pill containers or PET scans of the brain of someone who has Parkinson’s

“I mean there’s something to this idea of when you have Parkinson’s and parts of your brain is slowly degenerating. But at the same time, I’m tapping into parts of the brain that I’ve never gone to before,” he said.

Lowe’s unique art is set to go on display Friday at the Indiana Landmarks Center.

“When I heard this story I said yes, we have to do this,” Director of Special Events Mark Szobody said.

Lowe’s work will be on display for most of the month of April. He says he plans on donating most of the proceeds to the Rock Steady for Parkinson’s Boxing Club.

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