Local artist to have his work featured on Season 2 of ‘Empire’

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(Oct. 7, 2015) — He’s Mr. Burnett by day teaching art class at George Washington Community High School in Indianapolis. But when the educator gets home to his studio, his passion explodes and an empty canvass turns into a masterpiece. His painting titled “Crown” is set to be featured on season two of Empire.

“It’s still like a crazy emotional thing. In my mind I’m just a dude from Gary. I didn’t think that being an artist could really get you in front of and get you these types of things,” said artist Derrock Burnett.

The journey started for Derrock after he won an art competition in Dallas, Texas. From there he went on to one of the largest art events in Miami where he met the gallery owner from Chicago who took a liking to his work.

“From that he had a relationship with FOX for the show and they did a call out. He said, ‘Hey, I got a couple artists,’ and I was one of the artist they chose this season,” said Burnett.

He says this opportunity has caused his students to look at art in a new way.

“When I made that announcement a lot of kids were like yeah, so you said what colors? What kind of colors do I need? They starting bucking up and doing things the exact way they needed to. They’re like, okay, this guy might know what he’s talking about.”

And for him personally he sees yes, it’s possible for a kid from Gary to be a nationally known artist with his work on a hit show.

“I see now that I’m in the right vein and I’m really thinking and starting to push my work towards a little bit more political thinking. But just something I can leave a legacy with, with my artwork so I’m excited about that definitely.”

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