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INDIANAPOLIS — At-home COVID-19 tests, as we all know, are extremely hard to come by right now. Many are doing anything they can to try to find one or more. What if you could purchase them at auction? Well, a local Indianapolis auction company seemed to be offering just that, however, that didn’t last long.

Earl’s Auction Company, located on Lafayette Road in Indianapolis, has put COVID-19 at-home tests in their bidding war this week. According to their website, you can put in your bid for at-home COVID tests online, starting at $10. As of around 2:22 p.m. January 11, Earl’s deleted the tests from their website. There were 15 auctioned “items” previously available. Each purchase allegedly came with 10 boxes of BinaxNOW at-home COVID tests.

I reached out to Earl’s to make sure that this was not a scam before they deleted them on their website. The company told me, “Yes, there are at-home COVID tests, on consignment, selling via auction online.”

An individual who frequently bids at Earl’s stumbled upon the tests online and was curious as to how it was possible. “I believe Earl’s to be a very reputable company and are only auctioning what is brought to them to auction,” he said. “But if these kits are so scarce how can this be happening and someone profiting from it?”

When I reached out to Earl’s to ask them about how they were able to obtain the tests, I was given no response.