Local business dishing out incentives for employees to get vaccinated


INDIANAPOLIS — In an effort to increase worker safety, some local establishments are giving incentives for employees to get the COVID vaccine.

“We have had good success with everyone wanting to participate. My staff is a lot happier, more productive,” says Shapiro’s Deli owner Brian Shapiro, “I was constantly sending out information on paperwork on the side effects of COVID vaccines and what happens.”

Shapiro’s Deli has 92% of their employees vaccinated. The downtown institution gave $50 incentives for people to get the shot and offered to take them to Riley Children’s Hospital for their appointments.

“It’s also important to downtown Indianapolis to get people back,” adds Shapiro.

The Capital Improvements Board (CIB) operates Lucas Oil Stadium and the Indianapolis Convention Center. They are giving additional off days to any of their full-time employees who get vaccinated.

“The return of events, the return of the hospitality industry in Indianapolis depends on the widespread utilization of COVID-19 vaccines,” believes CIB Executive Director Andy Mallon.

CIB is giving two hours of off time for employees to get each shot, and two recovery days in case any symptoms arise from the vaccine. Anyone who completes the program gets an additional day off as well. If an employee feels well enough to work after getting the shot, they can pocket their recovery day for later as a vacation day. The incentives are even eligible to people who already got the shot.

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