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As employees for Circle City Outdoors gear up and get to work with their plows, their boss Donnie Mullis is just glad to have it that way.

“(It’s been) a lot different than last season,” Mullis said.

This season, Central Indiana has already seen more snow than we did over the entire winter last year. That means a lot more business for those like Mullis.

“(My) guys have pulled some very long shifts (with) long hours, especially around the holidays,” Mullis said.

You won’t hear them complaining, either. That’s because for Circle City Outdoors and other businesses, the harsher the winter, the better the business.

The same applies at Rusted Moon Outfitters in Broad Ripple. The store has been flooded with customers ready to get out to ski and snowboard.

“It’s good for us because, you know, they need long underwear. They need socks, they need ski wax. We have a full service ski shop here,” clothing buyer Tonya Furuhashi said.

Furuhashi said last season, she couldn’t sell any winter gear at all. This time around, she’s happily restocking shelves as customers flock to them.

“(It’s) getting pretty slim, going to order some new things,” Furuhashi said.

Both businesses say that they hope the winter months continue to produce the same snowfall that Indiana saw in December, so that they can keep cashing in on the cold.