Local businesses prepare for Patriots to enter Colts Country

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Patriots are in Colts Country this weekend, and fans have been waiting for this game all year. Around 65,000 fans will likely spend more than half a million dollars on beer, liquor, and wine at Lucas Oil on Sunday.

“If you just take the number of people and the number of stands and you take the amount of beer people drink during a game…it is a lot,” says Clay Robinson of Sun King Brewery.

Sun King Brewery supplies thousands of cans of their local beer at every Colts home game. The brewery was prepared to have a large order ready to go for the Colts vs. Patriots game on Sunday.

“We basically take a big pallet of beer and we load that into one of our lrage trucks and we drive it over to Lucas Oil,” says Robinson.

All that alcohol is sold within about 4.5 hours because the alcohol sales is stopped before the 4th quarter. But, fans still get their share.

“We love the Colt’s here in central Indiana, so it certainly drives beer sales,” says Robinson.

Businesses outside of the stadium are involved in the hype as well. Taylor’s Bakery is selling deflate cakes, the infamous sketch of Tom Brady on a cookie and also smashed cell phone cookies.

“It all kind of started as a joke. We made a deflate cake, it turned into a broken cell phone cookie, a sketch cookie, and now we have had a line out the door and are just trying to keep up with production,” says Drew Taylor Allen of Taylor’s Bakery.

Taylor’s bakery is getting calls from radio stations in Boston, orders from other states, and lots of attention on social media. The bakery says they just want the Colt’s to take the cake on Sunday.

“The whole city has been talking about don’t put anymore fuel on the fire. we are just trying to have some fun,” says Allen.

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