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By Zach Myers

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Aug. 11, 2014)– People walking or running along the canal in downtown Indianapolis may have noticed several chalk writings that weren’t there last week.

The simple slogan #FORINDY has appeared in several places downtown and around the Indianapolis area in the last few days. It’s part of a public campaign meant to inspire acts of giving and kindness in central Indiana.

The campaign is the work of members of Resonate Church in Indianapolis.

“We really believe it takes a lot of people, an entire city, a whole movement to become for each other and for the city,” said Pastor Davey Blackburn. “We just didn’t want to be a church that was known for protests, that was known for picketing. We wanted to be a church that was known for what we’re for.”

The #FORINDY movement started on social media. Participants began tweeting about nice things they’ve done for neighbors or total strangers, using the #FORINDY hashtag. Tweets and Facebook posts show pictures of gift cards left on windshields in parking lots, and cups of coffee dropped off at fire stations and other locations. They also describe favors performed as random acts of kindness.

“Mow their yard, or go drop off coffee for a local business and just tell them we appreciate what you do,” Blackburn said.

Friday night, church members started their public chalking campaign. The #FORINDY chalk messages were left in mulitple locations on public property around Indianapolis and surrounding communities.

Those involved in the campaign hope others will take notice and be inspired to perform their own acts of kindness. To do so, you only have to describe your kind act on social media and use the #FORINDY slogan.

“Ninety percent of news is bad stuff that’s happening,” said Resonate Church Worship Pastor Derek Barrett. “So part of it is kind of counteracting some of that negativity.”