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By Tanae Howard

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s a relationship that requires effort on both sides and today a local church showed how they’re putting in the work to build relationships with law enforcement.

The congregation at The Father’s House church hosted roll call Friday morning for officers in  IMPD’s southeast district. The morning included food, laughs, and a token of their appreciation.

“It means everything to us and our officers because everyday when they go out we’re in the business where we go to address issues where people are having problems. We very rarely get the call to go see the neighbor just to have a nice conversation,” said southeast district commander, John Conley.

After their idea to give the officer’s trauma kits went national last year, this year they wanted to continue giving a gift to simply say thank you. With help from sponsors the church was able to give 200 officers LED pocket lights to help them see during emergencies.

“Every officer can leave their home and do leave their home without the promise of returning to their family just to protect you and I and be that thin blue line that stands between good and evil,” said The Father’s House pastor, Dr. Christopher Holland.

As the department continues its community efforts Dr. Holland says these relationships are a two way street and hopes the rest of the community catches on.

This weekend churches throughout Hamilton County will come together with other congregations to pray for the city and law enforcement. Public safety director Troy Riggs will also speak at that event. It takes place this Sunday at Trader’s Point Christian Church at 6pm. For more information click here.