Local church sending prayers up to sister church impacted by Camp Fire


PARADISE, CA – NOVEMBER 08: A sign is posted on the Paradise Skilled Nursing center as it is consumed by flames from the Camp Fire on November 8, 2018 in Paradise, California. Fueled by high winds and low humidity, the rapidly spreading wildfire has ripped through the town of Paradise, charring 18,000 acres and destroying […]

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. –A local church is sending prayers thousands of miles away to their sister church who’s been impacted by the Camp fire.

West Morris Street Free Methodist Church’s senior pastor said members of their sister church have been forced to evacuate and some have even lost their homes.

“Unfortunately things happen and I always like to say God is right there in the midst of the devastation in the pain and the loss,” West Morris Street Free Methodist Church’s Senior Pastor Kristen Marble said.

One of the churches in the path of the fire “The Table Church” in Oroville, California.

Their sister church is West Morris Street Free Methodist Church in Indianapolis has been watching the blaze rip through the Golden State. “When they are hurting we hurt . We our concerned and we pray for them,” Marble said.

West Morris Street Free Methodist Church’s Senior Pastor Kristen Marble is good friends with the pastor in California. The damage breaks her heart.

“It takes the news of this sort of being this generic thing that you hear about and think oh that’s awful; to having it be real personal. All of a sudden it is a name and a face. A family that we care about and our concerned about,” Marble said.

She said Table Church members have been forced to evacuate their home and some have lost everything.

Butte County fire officials said there are more than 100 thousand acres of land burning with only 20 percent of it contained.

Marble said they are offering prayers.

“It’s also our responsibility as the people of God to be the hands and feet. To be the ones to come along side and pray for and encourage and provide for individuals who walk through this loss,” Marble said.

She said it may be hard for people to understand why something like this would happen, but she trust’s in the Lord. “He’s right there walking along side individuals as they deal with this,” Marble said.

She’s hopeful first responders will be able to put an end to the Camp Fire.

On Sunday, West Morris Street Free Methodist Church will be taking up a special offering to send to their sister church in California.

Butte County, California is also taking donations. Click here for more information.

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