Local clinic says they have treatment to help addicts eliminate drug cravings

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The heroin epidemic continues to have a strong grip on Indiana. One local treatment center says they have a natural solution to kill an addicts craving to get high. One patient we talked to says it works.

"By the end of high school I was a full blown undercover addict. Addicted to Fentanyl, Oxycontin anything I could get my hands on," Greg Holman said.

At just 30-years-old, Holman has spent half of his life addicted to drugs. After multiple trips to rehab and a trail of bad decisions, he was finally introduced to NAD infusion therapy - a 10 day IV treatment that replenishes patients with a naturally occurring compound called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD). As we get older, NAD levels decline and deplete in all forms of addiction.

"We restore the natural balance of chemicals in the brain and the realignment of these neuro-chemicals. In doing so we can significantly reduce the severity of withdrawal and virtually eliminate the craving for opiates," Dr. William Jones said.

There are only 7 clinics nationwide that offer this treatment, and Emerald Neuro Recover Centers in Fishers is the first clinic in Indiana to do so.  The treatment lasts about 10 hours a day for 10 days.

"By day 10 I felt like a brand new person. I know it`s kind of hard to understand after 10 days. But my anxiety was minimum to none, my depression was gone, my thoughts and my compulsions about using were gone," Holman said.

Dr.  Jones says in 10 days, this treatment does what it would take the body seven years to do on its own.

"I would go so far as to say I feel called to do this. If I won the lottery tonight I would be at work tomorrow giving this away. That's how strongly I feel about what we're doing here," Dr. Jones said.

"I feel like I've been clean for years. I haven't even had the thought about using. It feels foreign to me now. Which is a hard concept for me to grasp but I feel so blessed to have my life back," Holman said.

NAD treatment costs about $15,000 and is not covered by insurance because it is considered experimental.

Emerald Neuro Recover is working with donors and other groups to help cover the cost for more patients.

Greg has been clean for 4 months and says his only side effect was happiness.

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