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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – On the 16th anniversary of Sept. 11, the Sagamore Institute of Indiana hosted the first planning session, bringing together the Christian Emergency Network with Muslim leaders in the state.

CEN is a readiness training ministry helping organizations, businesses and churches respond to crisis situations like the Richmond Hill explosion and weather disasters.

The Sagamore Institute is providing in-depth data from its Public Good Index that assists both government and community leadership in identifying the issues leading to a degradation of the quality of life of many of Indiana’s major city residents. That data identifies the most pressing issues in Indiana’s 11 biggest cities.

“I think immediately they can show people of different faiths coming together for the common good of Hoosiers. Not just immediate issues like poverty or re-entrance that are coming back to our society, but also looking at what happens if we have a tornado or a man made incident,” said Troy Riggs, Vice President of the Sagamore Institute. “They want to be part of the solution and I think that really sets the stage for us in Indiana in what I call ‘being uniquely Hoosier.’ People working together on some of these big issues even on a day that we remember for the loss of lives but also for the hatred that was part of that day.”

“If we all are doing little pockets of work, it’s not as effective as if we band our resources together and solve big issues like when a tornado strikes or even everyday issues like poverty and mental health issues,” said Aliya Amin, Program Director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana. “And just giving people comfort so they can succeed in their own daily lives.”

Now, with data from the Public Good Index and training from the Christian Emergency Network, the project will be establishing the new Christian/Muslim Ready to Respond Together Team that will work together during emergency crisis situations and on everyday issues affecting all of our communities.