Local plumber predicts more problems as temperatures start to drop

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — A local plumber is offering some tips to avoid disaster as temperatures start to drop across central Indiana.

Mark Weilhammer, who owns Weilhammer Plumbing, said he thinks if we see a harsh winter, more issues could arise since the last couple of years have been milder.

“People don’t have anything happen for a year or two and they forget to insulate or they forget to batten down everything,” Weilhammer said.

Even he’s guilty of waiting to lock down his house for winter. Weilhammer showed us what you should do, including removing any outdoor hoses from faucets that you might still have out from summer and fall.

“It just freezes solid in the winter time if you forget to do it,” Weilhammer said.

That can cause pipes to freeze inside your walls, leading to costly repairs.

The same goes for your crawlspace. Weilhammer suggested covering up any exposed areas with something as simple as a cardboard box.

“If we get a real polar blast, (it) will literally freeze everything in the whole crawlspace,” Weilhammer said.

As for your pipes, you can wait to run water through them until temperatures get closer to zero.

Indiana’s Office of Utility Consumer Counselor also offers tips for cold weather:

  1. Don’t set your thermostat below 55 degrees, and if you lower the temperature while on vacation, have a neighbor check on your home.
  2. Keep a three-day supply of drinking water for each person in your home.
  3. Know where your master shut-off valve is, in case of emergency.

Weilhammer said he doesn’t want to be the person you call this time of year, but he does expect more calls if the temperatures continue to drop.

“(If a) pipe breaks, it doesn’t take long to do thousands of dollars’ worth of damage,” Weilhammer said.

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