Local plumbing company sees spike in calls because of sub-zero temperatures

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – As we say goodbye to sub-zero temperatures in Indiana, many homeowners were left saying hello to a new problem – frozen pipes.

“As soon as that wind hits the pipe, that’s what will freeze the pipe fairly quickly,” said Earl Gray & Sons Service Manager Kregg Fisher.

Earl Gray & Sons Service Manager Kregg Fisher said the smallest crack in a pipe can cause major damage.

Since Wednesday, his employees have been working nonstop.

“This is by far the most number of frozen pipes that we’ve had in a very long time,” Fisher said.

Crews are having to cut out the walls to repair the pipe. The more holes you see, the more damage there is to repair. Fisher said copper pipes crack more often than plastic.

“Basically plastic pipes are going to kind of swell a little bit, but they are not going to bust open like copper. Once it thaws out that’s when we get the calls that there is a waterfall coming out through my ceiling or the wall,” Fisher explained.

He said home and property owners can protect their pipes from freezing.

“Walk along your outside walls, windows, doors. If you feel any sort of draft coming in there you need to stop that as quickly as you can. Defiantly make sure you are not leaving your garage door open,” Fisher said.

Fisher said the old trick of keeping your faucets dripping will help keep your pipes from freezing.

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