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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Carpe Diem Shadeland school will not hold classes this year. Instead, students will be transported to the school’s Meridian campus after the Shadeland location failed to meet enrollment numbers. The school’s budget supported 140 students, but only 76 were enrolled.

This was a fact parents learned Sunday as school was set to start the next day.

“Like, are we serious? What happened, what’s going on, can I get some answers to questions that I do have?” parent, Niay Guynn said.

Guynn says this put her daughter in a state of anxiety and depression thinking about the fear of the unknown. Behavioral health specialists say that’s a common feeling for students making a transition to a new school or going off to college.

“Maybe they’re having a loss in appetite, some of them also might withdraw socially, some of them might have a hard time sleeping,” Rachael Fisher said.

Fisher is over Community Health Network’s youth behavioral health division. She says parents need to be aware of their child’s mood or any sudden changes in behavior.

“How was your day, how did you feel today, did you experience anything new or different. So as a mom really reaching in talking to them and help them understand it’s ok to bring that home and talk about that,” Fisher said.

Guynn says her daughter is worried about starting over.

“And this is only her second year here. Last year was her first year here, and she, you know grew to love her teachers and everybody here, the staff, and now she has to start all over and learn new things and new people and it’s just hard for her,”  Guynn said.

Carpe Diem Shadeland will still be open to serve the students meals. The superintendent hopes enrollment numbers will be back up next year so the students can return to their original campus.