Local terrorism expert says NYC terror attack serves as reminder to be ‘situationally aware’ 

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CARMEL, Ind. – A local terrorism expert said Tuesday’s terror attack in New York City should serve as a reminder to Hoosiers that they must always be “situationally aware.”

“Situational awareness is what every parent has tried to install to their children. When you go outside look around, be aware of what’s happening in your environment, check your surroundings,” President of Beering Enterprises, a consulting firm, Peter Beering said. “Essentially it is parental advice taken to the next level and that is look for things and places where danger can lurk and then stay away from those places and if you have to be in those places have a heightened sense of awareness of what’s happening around you.”

Beering has helped state and national leaders craft terrorism policies in the past.

He said the NYC attack also serves as a stark reminder that law enforcement cannot stop every attack.

“The likelihood that the good guys get it right every single day isn’t as high as we’d like it to be and the bad guys only have to get it right once and those are tough odds for folks to overcome,” Beering said. “You need to pay attention to things that are happening around you and that may mean you have ear buds that allow you to hear over the music or that you remove an earbud so you can be aware of things happening around you.”

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