Local travelers react to Florida mass shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- The horror in Ft. Lauderdale is being felt in central Indiana. Dozens of flights were delayed, and several others cancelled as the year’s first mass shooting played out in Florida. Several passengers who spoke with us say the inconvenience of being delayed or moved on to another flight is nothing compared to what the families of those who were killed are dealing with.

“Right when we were about to board, we heard there was a shooting in Ft. Lauderdale, so it was a little concerning,” said Jane Justice, whose flight to Ft Lauderdale was cancelled, forcing her and other flyers to wait or make other plans.

“Our police force, the airport police, there is a greater presence by them,” said Bill Stinson, spokesman for the Indianapolis International Airport, “and I think that gives people comfort.”

As airports across the nation stepped up security, former Indiana TSA director and current Indiana Homeland Security Director David Kane, explained how the investigation will likely play out.

“The local authorities will have a lead role in the beginning,” said Kane, “they’ll be assisted by the FBI, the military, with the suggestion the gentleman was prior military.”

Authorities say the alleged shooter is 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, a former U.S. military member, who appears to have acted alone–a so called “lone wolf”–the type of character Kane says is particularly troubling.

“They’re very difficult to guard against because you never know what’s going to trigger them,” said Kane.

As shootings like this seem to happen more and more, Kane says staying safe begins with you. That means keeping aware of your surroundings, and alerting authorities if something seems out of place.

“There’s that mantra: run, hide, fight, realizing what works for you,” said Kane, “what are you going to be able to do under the circumstances?”

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