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For more than three decades, Pat Miller’s steady hands have guided every stitch through each Colts jersey that’s come through the franchise.

“Like I say, I’ve been doing this since they came to town,” Miller, an employee of Tuchman Cleaners, said.

That’s every name, every number since 1984.

“Well you have to double check everything you do, I triple check mine,” Miller, a lifelong resident of Indy’s south side, said.

It’s not only sewing on names and numbers to the unworn jerseys, Miller is also tasked with repairing and cleaning the unis after each game and some are worse than others.

“Now T.Y. Hilton, his is nasty,” Miller admits. “His is bad with grass stains and the dirt off the field.”

Out of the thousands of jerseys Pat has stitched over 33 seasons with the Colts she hasn’t had many special requests from players, but the one she did, she certainly didn’t mind accommodating.

“The only one that was particular about his shirt was Peyton Manning,” Miller recalled. “He usually had a new shirt every week; he didn’t  want anything on it. And I can’t blame him because he was really good.”

Pat does take some time to admire her finished product on Sundays, at least for a bit.

“They look pretty good on the field, I’ll say it that way, but I do get mad and turn off the TV when they’re losing,” Miller said with a laugh.

And after 51 years working for Tuchman Cleaners, most of those years in her workshop surrounded by game-worn whites and blues, she’s not hanging it up anytime soon.

“When a person works all their life then you go home and just sit you’re just going to lose it, you gotta keep going, you gotta keep moving.”