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INDIANAPOLIS — A bicyclist was hit and killed Thursday morning at the intersection of 86th Street and the Monon Trail near the Nora Plaza.

The crash happened just before 9 a.m. and killed longtime Bicycle Garage Indy employee Frank Radaker. IMPD and the Indianapolis Department of Public Works are working to determine whether or not the crosswalk where it happened is fully up to code and what, if anything, could have prevented the crash.

People who use the crosswalk along 86th Street to travel the Monon Trail say something must be done, even if it starts with making sure drivers on the busy street are paying attention. 

“I’ve seen several cars pass through kind of at a high rate of speed… so we need to make people aware that hey, slow down,” IMPD Public Information Officer William Young said. “What I noticed about some of the cars in particular was the drivers were actually driving with their cell phones in hand and didn’t even see us standing right here.”

In the few minutes FOX59 spoke with IMPD near the scene of the crash Thursday evening, distracted drivers sped past without hesitation. 

It’s unclear what exactly lead up to the Thursday morning crash which killed a bicyclist, but one thing, some say, is abundantly…

“It’s not safe,” Host at nearby Big Lug Canteen Ian Hirschfeld said. “It’s not only unsafe for the community, but it’s unsafe for our customers.”

The restaurant & brewery is conveniently located steps off the popular Monon Trail, nestled between it and busy 86th Street. 

“We have a lot of people who come in off the trail, especially since we have our outdoor section right off the Monon,” Hirschfeld said. “I’ve almost been hit there a couple times.”

Hirschfeld crosses the busy street everyday to get to work, his friend was hit and killed nearby less than a month ago. 

“He was stopped on a red light on his motorcycle… and someone just came up, hit him and fled,” Hirschfeld said. “It’s just… it’s awful. I mean people need to realize that these things happen way more than we think and it’s specifically bad on this road here.”

His friend was Kyle “Stuffy” Rogan. He was hit and killed on a motorcycle while stopped at the red light at the intersection of 86th & Meridian, mere blocks from the site of Thursdays deadly crash.

Rogan’s crash is still under investigation with no suspects at this time. 

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works told FOX59 in a statement Thursday evening:

““We have a traffic engineer planning to visit to the site to by end of day to confirm all signage, signals, and markings are appropriate for the crosswalk. DPW traffic engineers have had preliminary discussion with IMPD regarding the various factors involved in the collision; as to whether any additional infrastructure would have prevented the crash,” Indy DPW said. “The Monon Trail/86th Street intersection is under a full traffic control system, which provides equivalent protection to the HAWK system, in that vehicles must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians or cyclists in the crosswalk when the WALK symbol is illuminated.”

But whether or not the signs was lit Thursday morning is not yet known. 

“They should’ve done something about it long ago before so many of these people died,” Hirschfeld said. “People just need to drive better and drive safer.”

The driver of Thursday’s fatal crash remained on scene and is cooperating with IMPD.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works plans to provide an update on their findings Friday.