New Whiteland residents urge drivers to stop speeding in neighborhoods

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NEW WHITELAND, Ind. – People living in New Whiteland are tired of drivers speeding through their neighborhoods.

Mae Archer say it’s dangerous and someone could get hurt.

“The road that we live on is very straight. People don’t obey the speed limit on our street,” Archer said.

She says speeding drivers are an issue throughout the neighborhood.

It’s why she reminds her kids and grandchildren to always be cautious.

“If they need to cross the street, they need to stop and look both ways. That’s not something we have told them once, and then we let them go. We continuously educate them on traffic story daily,” Archer said.

The neighborhood speed limit is 30 miles per hour, but Archer has caught people going faster.

She blames the issue on distracted driving.

“I think that the internet has become a huge distraction, and we have computers in our pockets and purses,” Archer said.

Archer says it’s time to put away the distractions, be aware of how fast you’re going, and keep your eyes on the road. She says it only takes one incident to really wake people up.

“I’m hoping it doesn’t take a tragedy to happen before this is taken care of,” Archer said.

She thinks speed bumps may help.

She’s plans to start a petition and take her concerns to the town council.

“Please slow down because our children are not worth the 30 seconds you’re going to save by speeding through our neighborhoods,” Archer said.

Archer says the New Whiteland Police Department does a great job, but they can’t be everywhere.

She says it’s up to community members to help stop people from speeding.

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