INDIANAPOLIS — With many people looking to change jobs, the Better Business Bureau is warning people to be on the lookout for scammers posing as potential employers.

The BBB relayed a recent report on the BBB Scam Tracker from a Noblesville woman. The woman went through a rapid interview process and was hired after applying for a position on LinkedIn through a recruiter.

One week into the new job, however, the BBB said the woman asked about a paycheck and was ignored. She then refused the employer’s request to open a bank account in her name to book a conference. The company’s website domain was later found to be suspended.

The BBB says this scam works by a person getting a LinkedIn message from a supposed recruiter. They encourage the potential victim to apply for a job. After uploading a resume, the victim is prompted to provide personal information ranging from their address to their social security number.

Other times, the BBB says the scam may look like a potential victim responding to the recruiter’s message and being “hired for the job. After being hired, the victim is asked to pay upfront for training or other expenses.

No matter the details, the job never materializes. The scammer takes the money or information and disappears. If the victim provided personal information, they may become victims of identity theft.

People can protect themselves from this scam by:

  • Setting their LinkedIn privacy settings. People can limit which LinkedIn users can send them messages or connection requests.  
  • Don’t accept every request. Check out the user’s profile for completeness and correct grammar. Just because a user has several connections in common does not mean they are real.  Scammers frequently create a large network to look more legitimate.  
  • Ask to talk on the phone. If a recruiter contacts a user through email, ask to speak by phone. Scammers will try to dodge this with excuses, such as being out of the country.  
  • Check out BBB Tips: Many job scams use similar techniques, see for more advice.     

Anyone who has been the victim of this or a similar scam should report it to the BBB Scam Tracker. Reports can help educate other consumers by raising awareness of scammers’ tactics.