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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Some people are just impossible to shop for but this holiday season. There’s a unique gift idea designed to be temporary if they don’t like it.

Rent the Chicken can turn anyone into a farmer.

“We give you the chance to try it before you buy it,” said Rent the Chicken owner Monica Million. “It’s about a six-month rental. We provide everything, the coop, mature hens that are already laying eggs, the food, the dishes, everything you need we’re going to deliver it to your house.”

No experience? They’ll help you wing it.

“We’ll set it up. Teach you how to take care of them, you get support the whole time you’ve got them,” said Million.

And if it’s not your cup of feed, you can ‘chicken’ out at any time.

“We’ll come pick it all back up and you’re not stuck with anything,” said Million.

But if you love the experience, you can adopt the chickens or be a repeat renter. Some customers hibernate for the winter.

“We can actually bring your birds back,” said Million. We will put a special colored leg band on them so you can actually get the same birds every summer.”

If you have a Homeowners Association that doesn’t allow chickens in the backyard or you don’t even have a back yard, you can also hatch a chicken. They’ll give you everything you need and then once they’re two weeks old, they’ll take them off your hands.

“It’s also great for families with kids because kids love animals and this is a great way they can learn responsibility,” said Million.

It’s also a great way to fertilize your yard because the coop has wheels to make it mobile.

“You just lift and you’re going to move the coop just a couple of feet forward every day,” said Million.

Moving the coop gets rid of the foul smell and it gives them the benefits of free-ranging because they’re getting that fresh grass every day but they’re inside the coop and protected from predators.

Owner Monica Million said the Urban Agriculture Movement is hip right now.

“People want to know where their food is coming from and well let’s face it, it doesn’t get much closer than your own backyard,” said Million.

She said whether it’s a gift for you or someone else, Rent the Chicken is an excellent choice.

For any Colts fans on your shopping list, Rent the Chicken has a blue and white coop with blue and white chickens that lay blue and white eggs.

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