INDIANAPOLIS — Looking for a new place for dinner? Date night? All while supporting local businesses? This Indianapolis Facebook group has you more than covered.

The Facebook public group “Indy Local Foodies” is home to over 85,500 members and was created by Theresa and Ed Stites back in 2009. “Our budget [at the time] didn’t let us go out to eat very often so we really wanted to make it count. I wanted to make something where I could meet up with my friends and other people that would enjoy the food,” said Theresa.

Indy Local Foodies was originally created for camaraderie for Indy’s locals surrounding the topic of food and has quickly blown up to a popular page where people come to share their taste-bud experiences from local Indy restaurants. From local coffee shops to the best taco in the city, this Facebook group leaves no Indy business behind.

“After our first initial meet up, people began to lose interest, but something happened last year with the Facebook algorithm and things took off,” said Theresa. Theresa told me she thinks things just continued to grow from there due to the pandemic. With more people spending time inside and online since the beginning of 2020, the group saw a lot of growth in their member-count and number of posts/interactions on the page.

“I think it goes with what I started out with is making my dollars count and going to the places I cared about,” explained Theresa, “but, in general I try to support the local and small as much as possibly, and I think the people in the group do too.”

To join the Facebook group and catch up on all of Indy’s new and best local places for good grub, join here! Theresa and Ed ask that you are a current resident of the greater Indianapolis area and that you be kind in the content you choose to share. Happy eating!