Loved ones say hit-and-run victim would’ve started new job morning after death

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Loved ones of a man hit and killed while walking on the west side say he was scheduled to start a new job the next morning.

Tabatha May says her boyfriend, Guy Michael Gray, who went by Mikey, is the man killed near Holt and Washington early Thursday night. She’s now unsure what to do, as she faces the prospect of raising the couple’s three boys on her own.

“He was my everything,” May said.

Gray, who often took walks in the area, had just dropped two of their three sons off at the park, according to May.

Surveillance video from a nearby business shows a man walking near a restaurant, when an SUV slams into reverse, hitting him just off screen.

Police say that SUV was being stolen, after Lizbeth Garcia’s father left it running, as he ran inside the restaurant.

“It was (someone’s) decision to take a car that didn’t belong to him, that took a life with him,” Garcia said. “Be a human for a little bit, have a heart.  Or try to at least.”

Officers later found an SUV matching the description near 56th and Georgetown Road. They took two people in for questioning, but no arrests had been made as of Friday night.

May said that despite all this, she can forgive whoever did it, if only for herself.

“I have faith that they’re going to get what they deserve, whether it be from karma or the justice system,” May said.

There’s been a spike in hit-and-run cases across the city, and she hopes it will stop.

“Everybody just needs to remember, every action has a consequence and whether it’s something you meant to do, the fact of the matter is a man’s dead. He’s been taken from his family,” May said.

It’s a reality made all the more devastating because their life was headed in the right direction: both May and Gray had recently found new jobs. He was supposed to attend orientation Friday morning.

“We were so excited because everything was starting to work out, you know, everything was starting to go in the right way for us. I got a new job, he got a new job, things were looking up,” May said.

If you have any information about this case, call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

May is raising money to help with funeral costs and Christmas for her three sons, you can click the link here to donate.

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