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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 11, 2013)– Investigators with the U.S. Secret Service believe they have shut down a counterfeit money operation responsible for a recent increase in fake money across the state.

According to the Secret Service and IMPD records the raid took place around 6:30pm at 26 North Riley Avenue. SWAT units entered the home and officers recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in countefeit cash in various stages of production. US Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Gary Durham tells Fox59 there were printers still running when police raided the home. Other sources say there was an armed sentry in the home.

Members of the IMPD Violent Crimes Unit (VCU) were instrumental in identifying the location, setting up the raid.

Investigators spent several hours carrying fake money, printers, computers and paper supplies out of the home. They also confiscated a security system and items associated with a meth lab, according to sources.

“Bags and boxes and just about everything but the kitchen sink,” said neighbor Deloris Clark.

Investigators also found various drugs and guns inside the home.

Arrested in the raid were Brandon Clark, 24, Timothy Deutscher, 35, and Jessica Fisher, 30. Clark and Fisher have Indianapolis addresses. Deutscher’s address is in Columbus, Indiana. Charges against the trio include Forgery, Fraud, Theft and drug and gun possession charges.

Durham said the bust was the result of months of police work as more counterfeit bills continued to show up around Indiana.  September saw $92,000 in fake money seized, followed by about $150,000 in October.

Durham was not ready to reveal what led investigators to the home on Riley.  But he said the large amount of counterfeit cash being produced there was the primary reason for the recent increase.

Investigators will have to download information from seized computers to determine how much fake money was printed in the home. Sources tell Fox59 the money was being trafficked around Central Indiana through drug dealers and other methods.

The trio arrested Tuesday night are expected to face charges in federal court. Durham said more arrests are possible, but the printing portion of the operation has been shut down.

Fox59 News will update this story as new details emerge.