Major meth trafficking operation busted in Central Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 15, 2014) — A major source of the drug, Methamphetamine, was busted by federal and local authorities, Thursday.

The drug trafficking operation stretched from the Mars Hill section of Indianapolis all the way down to North Vernon.

Two pounds of meth was taken during the bust, detectives think it was made in Mexico and brought here to Indiana. This bust is a clearly product of police agencies not putting up with the cooking and selling of this highly addictive drug. Whether you’re an addict or not, you’re still affected because the people who are involved are probably doing other crimes.

“They are breaking in to homes, they’re stealing property, they’re converting that property in to cash so they can go out and buy more pseudoephedrine. They’re using that pseudoephedrine to make more methamphetamine,” said Capt. David Bursten with the Indiana State Police.

The 23 people arrested face various charges related to manufacturing and distributing the drug.

Just how bad is it here in Indiana? Enough that Hoosiers are able to make a business out of cleaning up meth labs. Back in February, Crisis Cleaning gave FOX59 an exclusive look at how they do that. With Hazmat suits and gas masks, we showed you the lethal chemicals it takes to kill the drug residue, and get it back to livable shape. What was once a very rural drug, could now be found in the house next door, but police agencies are watching.

“In the last two years, we’ve arrested 550 individuals across the state of indiana,” said Bob Jones, FBI Special Agent.

Central Indiana’s real estate market is hot right now, so how do you know you’re not buying a refurbished meth lab? State law requires sellers to make it known that the home you’re buying was a meth lab.

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