INDIANAPOLIS – Heavy snow is expected to begin early Wednesday morning and will accumulate in excess of 6″ across much of Central Indiana.

Storm timing & impacts

TUESDAY EVENING: Temperatures begin to drop back into the 30s as our sky becomes overcast. Conditions remain quiet & calm otherwise. This is your last chance to make preparations before the storm arrives.

EARLY WEDNESDAY MORNING: The storm arrives. Steady rains begins between 12-1am with a fierce changeover to snow in the following 60-90 minutes. Heavy snow will fall until around 5am. Road conditions will deteriorate quickly during this time. Snowfall rates up to 1″/hr are likely. A 60-90 minute lull in the heavy snow will follow.

WEDNESDAY MORNING: A second wave of snow will return around 7am and will continue falling heavily until around noon. Snowfall rates up to 1-2″/hr are likely. In Southeast Indiana, some mixing is expected. Wind will increase during this time with gusts in the 30-35mph range. Road conditions will remain very poor and travel is highly discouraged. Isolated power outages are expected. Much of the area will blanketed with 4-8″ of snow by this point.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Steady snow tapers off from southwest to northeast, and light snow showers take over through the afternoon. Additional accumulation will be minor across most of Central Indiana from this point onward. Breezy conditions will persist through the afternoon with temps in the low 30s. Road conditions will remain poor.

WEDNESDAY EVENING: Breezy with pockets of light snow tapering off. Road conditions should begin to improve at this point, but travel should remain limited to essential matters. Temps slip into the upper 20s overnight.

Final snow accumulation

When all is said and done, a widespread 5-8″ of snow will be on the ground across Central Indiana, including Indianapolis & much of the metro area. Moderate amounts of 3-6″ will have fallen across the remainder of Central Indiana. Mixing & dry air across the southeastern part of the state will limit totals to 1-3″, though this will be mainly out of our area.

Snowfall will be heavy & wet, so take it easy and don’t overexert yourself if shoveling. However, this will also be great packing snow, so let the snowball fights commence!