Malls concerned about day after Christmas weather

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Everyone knows – the day after Christmas is a popular and busy shopping day. Cheryl Lenon knows exactly what she wants to do. “Well tomorrow, I’ll be going to Walmart and trying to find more Christmas ideas for next year” said Lenon.

“One of the Walmart workers yesterday told me in Noblesille that wait ’til the day after Christmas there’s going to be some really great buys.”

For now, the holiday hours you see in commercials and online are the ones to go by – and online may  be one of the places to check and see if stores will be open.

“No thanks. That’s not for me. I didn’t like, I avoided the malls before Christmas and I’m not going near them after Christmas,” Bob Basile said about shopping during the holidays.

Simon Property Group, which owns several malls including one at Castleton Square, has not decided whether they’ll open later Wednesday, or not open at all. They are waiting to see how much snow we’ll get.

“They may hunker down someplace in one of their homes and have another party. I don’t think my wife will want to go out shopping, if she doesn’t have to leave the house” said Bob Basile.

Cheryl Lenon will wait and watch the forecast before she decides to get in the car. “If it’s icy. No. I’ll put it off ’til it’s not so icy. I don’t want to get in a wreck or cause a wreck.”

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