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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (July 24, 2015) — A man investigators say tried to murder a Noblesville attorney told FOX59 from jail that he didn’t do it.

Richie Perillo and his mom, Renee, are back in the Hamilton County Jail after they both fled the state last month.

The two are accused of concocting a bizarre plot to murder attorney Rebecca Eimerman, who has been involved in a bitter divorce and custody battle against Renee Perillo’s fiance.

“This is a mistake. I don’t really know why I’m here,” Richie Perillo said.

Perillo admitted to being in Eimerman’s car in May, where the attorney’s husband found him and his mother lying in wait. The two first told deputies they were homeless and sleeping, but investigators discovered a darker plot after they bailed out of jail.

By the time prosecutors charged them with conspiracy to commit murder, they were both gone. Perillo told FOX59 that’s because his mother’s fiance was in a hospital in Florida.

“I went to Florida to see my mom’s (fiance) who was dying in the ICU. He had kidney and liver failure so we went there to go see him,” Perillo said.

That man did not die and remains in the hospital, according to documents obtained by FOX59.

U.S. Marshals picked up Richie Perillo in California and his mother in Montana.

In the car the two brought to Indiana, investigators found a lot of incriminating items, including a machete, tranquilizer gun, disguises, gloves and a shovel. They also had a deadly dose of a drug used in surgery and a gun with them when they were caught in Eimerman’s car.

Perillo had an explanation for some of those items, including the tranquilizer gun and disguises.

“(My mom) was going to take (the gun) to her mom’s house in Arizona because there’s wild boar and coyotes attacking her dogs out there. … She showed me this old man’s mask that was for her husband to play jokes on people at an upcoming party they were going to have,” Perillo said.

As for why he was in Indiana and that car at all, Perillo said he was addicted to heroin and came to the state to seek rehabilitation. He said he didn’t know Eimerman and doesn’t believe his mom planned to kill her.

“I didn’t speak with my mother or anybody about plotting that murder. Nobody got injured because there was no intention of hurting anybody,” Perillo said.

Eimerman, who FOX59 spoke to after Perillo’s interview, said she didn’t believe he didn’t know what was going on.

“I truly believe he was there to assist his mother in murdering me,” Eimerman said.

Eimerman said she is still on edge, but relieved both Perillo’s are back in jail on $5M cash bail.

“I think things are starting to turn around and … move in the right direction,” Eimerman said.

Perillo is waiting on a court-appointed public defender and said he hoped an attorney would take on his case pro bono. Investigators said two inmates at the jail came forward saying Perillo bragged about the murder plot and told them he made up the story about heroin use.