Man accused of kidnapping, raping women charged in similar case

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (March 6, 2014)– A man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting two women in Avon, Ind. in early February has been charged in connection with a home invasion and the abduction and rape of two women in Indianapolis.

Michael Parrish, 37, has been charged with a total of 35 counts ranging from burglary to rape.

Avon police arrested Parrish on Feb. 9 in connection with the abduction of two women outside a Wal-Mart. Police said Parrish abducted the women at gunpoint from the parking lot and sexually assaulted both women twice. Authorities said the incidents occurred while a 3-year-old child was in the backseat.

The women were then forced to drive to their house, where Parrish tied them up, said police. Police said a man at the house was also battered and bound, before the suspect fled the home in a stolen vehicle.

Parrish has now been charged in connection with an incident that occurred the day before. On the morning of Feb. 5, police said Parrish forced entry into a LaSalle Street house.

Authorities said Parrish held the victim at knife point as his alleged accomplices, identified as Royce Edwards, Anthony Breeden and Krystal Cook, ransacked the home. All three accomplices have been charged in connection with the incident.

Later that day, police said Parrish abducted two women at gunpoint in the area of Michigan and Berwick. Parrish allegedly forced the women to drive to multiple locations, including a local motel, and sexually assaulted them. According to the victims’ statements, Parrish was armed with two guns and two knives, said police. They also told police Parrish said they should “be smarter on who they run into.”

Additionally, Parrish is alleged to have robbed a woman at gunpoint in a Plainfield parking lot on Feb. 8.

Parrish is currently in custody in Hendricks County.

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