Man accused of teen’s murder was acquitted in 2002 murder case, has lengthy criminal record

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 21, 2014)-- The man charged with murdering 15-year-old Dominique Allen was previously convicted of drug, robbery, and gun charges.

William Gholston served several years in prison. He was released on parole in 2012, but he violated parole twice. The first time he violated parole the chairman of the board said he was ordered to be evaluated and receive treatment after testing positive to cocaine.

William Gholston
William Gholston

The chairman of the parole board said the second time Gholston violated parole was because he tested positive for controlled substances. He was sent to an inpatient rehab facility. Gholston served 60 days; he was released and was under parole supervision.

In August, he was declared a delinquent because he did not check in with his parole agent. They issued a parole violation warrant.

In the same month, Allen was strangled and part of her body was set on fire.

“That little 15-year-old girl, she didn't deserve to die,” Mary Lou Clark said.

Clark’s daughter, Sandra Hobbs, was murdered August 10, 2002. Detectives found Hobbs strangled inside her home on the southeast side of Indianapolis. Because of DNA and tips, Officers arrested Gholston. A jury found him not guilty of the crime in 2004.

“My understanding is the case went to trial and what little I do know is that one of the key witnesses, I'm told ‘cause again we were not there…I'm told recanted testimony or changed testimony,” Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said.

Clark said it was difficult for her when that happened.

“I`ve (spent) 12 years (going) over and over what (I) was told, you know. I can`t figure out why he wasn`t found guilty then,” Clark said.

The IMPD detective on Allen’s case reacted today to Gholston’s 2004 acquittal on the Hobbs case.

“Should've been convicted the first case, but I mean (the) jury felt he was innocent. So he was let out again with some 35 arrests, since he's been an adult that's a lot,” IMPD Detective Marcus Kennedy said.

On Allen’s case, Gholston was charged with murder after DNA was found on her foot, hand, and shoe.

“I feel for that family. I mean. I know how they feel. I just hope that they do something with him this time,” Clark said.

To this day, Clark told FOX59 she believes Gholston had something to do with her daughter’s murder, but she also believes there is still someone on the loose who has not been caught.

“I feel like someday they`ll catch whoever did it and when they do I hope I live long enough to see it,” Clark said.

Clark said she has thought about her daughter these twelve years.

“It was like when she got killed, it was like part of me being gone,” Clark said.

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