Indianapolis man chases and tackles teen suspect, social media post goes viral

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– A man risks his own safety to tackle a suspect to the ground during a police chase and now a post he made on social media is going viral.

Dean Hunsucker was working in the alley behind Good News Ministries on the city’s near East Side last week when he heard police shouting at a suspect.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police were responding to a call for trespassing at an abandoned house. Multiple teens were allegedly smoking marijuana. When police caught up with one of the teens, he took off.

Hunsucker said he saw the suspect running towards him and opened up his arms to stop him in his tracks.

“We caught eyes. He pulled his fist back like as he’s running, like get out of my way,” Hunsucker said.

The two collided. Hunsucker grabbed the teens waist and they both fell to the ground.

“My head was the first thing to hit the ground, so I tore up my knuckles, hit my head pretty good,” said Hunsucker.

The teen was also on the ground, pinned in between Hunsuckers arms. Police were able to get the suspect before he took off again.

During the struggle, Hunsuckers brand new Garmin running watch was destroyed. The company saw his Facebook post about the incident and offered to send him a new watch and other items.

Hunsucker said he just did what he hopes anyone else would do.

“If he would have kept running, maybe he would have got himself into more trouble, maybe the officer would have got hurt. I don’t know, but when you step in and help, good things happen,” Hunsucker said.

Police said they’re grateful for what Hunsucker said, but stress it was a personal decision and can’t say if they would recommend others to do the same.

“He made a personal decision to involve himself in this particular incident. It certainly assisted the officers in making an apprehension and we’re very appreciative of it,” said IMPD Sgt. Kendale Adams.

Hunsuckser said he hopes this serves as a reminder to teens to listen to police and not make a situation worse.

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