Man kills 3 driving into crowd in Austria — on purpose, authorities say

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GRAZ, AUSTRIA (June 21, 2015) — Three people have died and dozens more are injured after a man drove into a crowd — on purpose, the local government says — Saturday in the Austrian city of Graz.

The 26-year-old male driver intentionally used his vehicle as a weapon, the Graz City Council said in a statement.

Roman Sommershsacher, a spokesman for the Austrian city’s government, said the man drove through Graz’s inner city — including into a place where cars are not normally allowed — trying to hit people.

One of the three fatalities is a child. At least 34 more people suffered injuries, Sommershsacher said, including ten seriously and one in critical condition.

The driver — described as an Austrian citizen with Serbian roots — has been arrested, officials said at a Saturday afternoon press conference.

The officials added that they don’t know the man’s motive but do not believe it has anything to do with terrorism.

Photos from the scene showed a mangled bike and what appeared to be a body draped by a white sheet.

Located in Styria province in southeastern Austria, Graz is that country’s second-most populous city

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