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INDIANAPOLIS, IN—An Indianapolis father says a bb gun was pointed at his 11-year-old son’s head while he was at school. Now he’s criticizing the school and the school district for the way he says they handled the incident.

According to Brent Smith the incident in question happened at Snacks Crossing Elementary School playground on Tuesday. Smith says a student brought a BB-gun to school, and at some point, walked up to his 11-year-old son and pointed the gun against the child’s head.

“The student who had the gun eventually walked up to my son and put it to my son’s head and used some very strong profanity,” Smith said.

Smith says his son wasn’t aware that the gun wasn’t real and ran to teachers to tell them what happened. He says the school called his son’s mother but left a message when they couldn’t reach her. He says no other attempt was made to contact anyone else.

“There’s an emergency contact list. A tragic incident like this should have been addressed, you know, following that emergency contact list….You should have just kept going until you found someone. That’s just how I felt,” Smith said.

Smith also says the school dragged its feet before getting police involved.

“The police should have been involved immediately. They didn’t get involved until I left today. This happened yesterday,” he said.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township released the following statement about the incident.

“Snacks Crossing Elementary School received a report that a child brought a BB gun to school and launched an immediate investigation. Our Pike Police Department is working directly with school and district administrators to ensure we have a full understanding of what transpired. The safety of our school community is our utmost priority and it is unacceptable for guns or weapons of any kind to be on campus. We will follow the guidelines listed in our student handbook and continue to work closely with the families of the children involved. We thank everyone for treating this matter with the seriousness it requires and applaud the student who reported this incident. As always, we encourage our entire school community to help us keep Pike safe by saying something if they see something.”


Smith says if nothing else the incident proves that MSD of Pike Township needs to do more to improve its communication protocol for emergencies. He also says the incident should be a lesson that concerns about gun violence should extend to elementary schools, and not just high schools.


“It’s not a high school thing we also have to look at elementary schools. What if this had been an active shooter? My son would be dead,” he said.