Man shot and killed is remembered as an accomplished musician

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 1, 2014) — The family of a pizza delivery man, shot and killed while on the job Friday night, is remembering his life.

Daniel Jaffke, 30, was shot and later died after making a delivery to the Capital Place Apartments on the city’s south side. Police say his Jeep that was stolen has been found, but the killer is still out there.

Up until today, all we knew was that Daniel was a pizza delivery guy. But, his family says that was only a small part of who he was.

“We both really liked music, he’s very talented, he’s a very talented musician,” said Mary Manning, Jaffke’s sister.

She had trouble keeping back the tears as she shared personal secrets of the way she grew up with him.

“I always had a friend to play with growing up, and we pretty much enjoyed doing the same things,” Manning said. “We played video games and we would stay up all night long, even when we weren’t supposed to.”

Daniel was a pizza delivery driver as a way to get some extra cash. On top of his ability to play a handful of different instruments, he had a full-time job as a skilled machinist. He was also the youngest of five sisters and a brother.

“Probably the most helpful person I’ve ever met in my entire life, he would drop whatever he was doing if you needed help,” Manning said.

That’s the person who was shot by someone while just trying to do his job. He’s a person that will be forever missed by his family and friends.

“The world is gonna miss him,” Manning said.

Police are still searching for Daniel Jaffke’s killer. Call the crime stoppers line if you can help solve this. A lot of friends and family are hopeful the killer is caught.

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