Man stages police chase in order to propose to girlfriend

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MOBILE, Alabama – As it turned out, the police chase was just a distraction.

An Alabama man used a police chase as misdirection to propose to his girlfriend. It happened Friday night in Mobile, Ala.

Daiwon McPherson was supposed to meet Shawna Blackmon in downtown Mobile Friday, but police officers pulled him over while he was riding his motorcycle. Blackmon got a call letting her know her boyfriend was in trouble.

She rushed to get to the gas station where he’d been pulled over.

“I was scared. I said he was going to jail. They are going to shoot him,” Blackmon recalled.

Blackmon was worried—she knew her boyfriend was armed and saw several scenarios in which things went downhill. The situation got tense.

“Me getting out and seeing that I felt like I can fix this. Let me try to fix this and let me calm the situation down and let it work,” Blackmon said.

She didn’t know it, but the whole thing was staged. The police officers were in on the whole thing. Their Tasers weren’t even loaded.

“First thing you’re going to think is we got another black man going to get killed by two police officers. Nope — that was the whole flip!” McPherson said.

He said he arranged the chase to bring the community closer together and propose to Blackmon. He wanted to prove that police and communities can work together.

The chase did the trick–Blackmon said yes.

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