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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – An Indianapolis man received a 125 year sentence on Wednesday for raping two women near IU’s campus and firing shots at a responding officer.

Vaylan Glazebrook was found guilty on 14 felony counts in February for the 2014 assault.

On Nov. 9 2014, Glazebrook and Michael Deweese pointed a gun at two women sleeping inside an apartment near12th St. and Indiana. The men forced the women to perform sex acts and raped them. A third woman in the apartment heard noises and called 911 from inside her locked bedroom.

Bloomington Police Officer Bill Abram received the Congressional Badge of Bravery for his actions during the incident. He rescued the two IU students from the attack.

Jesse Benti-Torres, of Danville, was also arrested after police believed he was the getaway driver.

Deweese was sentenced to 109 years for his role in the rape.