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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.- Deputy Jacob Pickett’s organs will give others the gift of life following his death during a foot chase on Friday.

The Boone County deputy was shot while pursuing a suspect. Right now, there is someone out there, likely several people, who is about to get another chance at life through the death of Deputy Pickett.

“From the transplant side of it, the fact that organs are being donated does give hope to folks like I was on the list,” said Lance Lewis, who received a double lung transplant seven years ago from IMPD Officer David Moore. Moore who was shot and killed during a traffic stop in January 2011.

“Later that afternoon, my phone rang,” said Lewis, “and it turns out, he was a perfect match for me.”

Now, hopefully Deputy Pickett will be the perfect match for someone else.

“There were seven recipients of David’s donation and his mother wrote to all of us, and that was only three months after transplant,” said Lewis.

Lewis knows that Pickett’s family is broken in a way that can never be repaired. But he also knows firsthand of the life their lost loved one has granted to others.

“I would say to them thank you for your gift,” said Lewis, “it’s critically important…for the recipients out there who are blessed by this gift, it will change their lives completely,” said Lewis.

Whether or not Pickett’s family makes contact with the recipients of his organs is entirely up to them.

Lewis still keeps in touch with Moore’s family, and says he thinks it gives them comfort knowing his gift of life continues seven years later.