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It was a reunion seven months in the making. A man who rented a mobile billboard to find his poodle finally got his wish. Eddie Williams was reunited with his poodle, Boomer after someone stole the dog from a gas station at 25th and Sherman last  November.

“Got my little human with 4 legs back, ” said Eddie Williams.

The reunion wasn’t the result of the mobile billboard cruising around town, but by a coincidental encounter by Eddie himself.

Eddie says he was at a truck stop in Indianapolis last Monday when he saw a woman with a dog that looked like Boomer. The woman let him hold the dog and noticed the poodle’s reaction to the man she thought was a stranger. The woman told Eddie she and her husband found the dog wandering near 38th and Keystone around the same time the dog was stolen.

“Thought this day would never come and when I saw him at the gas station I look at him she actually let me hold him,” said Williams.

The woman took the dog back with her and after she and her husband were contacted by police the dog was retrieved to run the microchip. It was Boomer.

“God orchestrated everything and its no coincidence that he ran into his own dog on the other side of town and I just praise God for that,” said IMPD Detective, Cheryl Cameron.

Detective Cameron worked with Eddie and animal control on this case.

After an exciting reunion Eddie says he’s most looking forward to taking Boomer back on the road with him as he drive his semi truck.

“Looking forward to us re-bonding and us getting used to each other. Him realizing he’s back with daddy can do anything he want to do tear up anything he wanna tear up because there’s no consequences. His name is boomer he get away with anything.”