Man who watched burglar on home surveillance: ‘It was really eerie’

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By Jill Glavan

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 25, 2014) -- Two Indianapolis-area homeowners caught burglars in the act this week, including one who hopes you'll recognize the man in his home video.

"(It's) just frustrating," Casey Gaudin said.

Gaudin got a text alert at 10:30 Tuesday morning, while he was at work. He opened up an app tied to his home surveillance system only to watch a man burglarizing his house in real time.

"The first thing I saw was (the) white CR-V ... pulling into the driveway," Gaudin said.

In the video, which had hundreds of hits on YouTube by Thursday, you see the thief get out of the CR-V and walk toward the front of Gaudin's house. Out of view, he is knocking to make sure no one's home and even taking time to look into windows. Then he breaks down the door of Gaudin's garage and workshop.

Watch the raw video below:

"(He's) not nervous or anything. (He) just started loading stuff into the vehicle like it was a store," Gaudin said.

The thief goes on like that for at least two full minutes, in total spending about six minutes and making off with thousands of dollars worth of Gaudin's stuff.

"It’s just so frustrating. It just almost leaves you speechless, you know, that people will do that," Gaudin said.

He's not the only one, either. A day later Rick Wells caught two guys at his Lawrence home trying to make off with a stack of ladders he kept next to garage.

"They gunned the truck and all the ladders fell out of the truck and they took off," Wells said.

Wells had cameras, too, but found that they weren't working. He's since had them fixed to prevent any other crimes.

In both cases, the lesson you should learn is that thieves will grab anything they can see. They're doing it more often during the day and it's even stuff you wouldn't expect.

"I just didn’t think anybody would go to the effort of stealing (ladders) because they’re so awkward and heavy," Wells said.

"I made myself an easy target. So (for) anybody else out there, don’t leave your lawn stuff out. Get all your lawn stuff put up. It’s just too easy for them to pull in, grab it and then leave," Gaudin said.

If you recognize the car or the guy in Gaudin's video, he hopes you will call police at 317-327-6300.

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