Mandatory mask rules generating high demands from local mask makers


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Mandatory masks go into effect for Marion County on Thursday. The new necessity has local mask makers trying to keep up with demands.

“In the last seven days, we went from maybe a face mask order here and there to we have had over 100 ordered,” says Timothy Snider, owner of Stitches and Sundries.

Snider and his wife Chelsea started their company in December, but now the couple has nearly 200 different fabric options for adults and children. They even offer masks for toddlers.

“When it comes to doing kids mask, you can’t test on your own face because you’re an adult,” laughs Timothy.

“My four-year-old has been a little bit of a model for me,” explains Chelsea before talking about their custom fabric options for children like her own, “It’s worked out for kids that have a specific movie that they like. Your heroes wear masks, so they can wear masks too.”

With weddings returning, local menswear shop J Benzal is getting demands for masks to match suits or tuxedos. The store is owned and designed by Butler graduate Ben Diallo.

“If you buy a suit from us, we will make you a matching mask. Cool thing about those masks are we have some filters inside,” details Diallo,” It’s part of your outfit now, and if you have a comfortable mask like our mask you don’t really feel it.”

This spike in demand comes as major retailers like Target and Walmart plead with Governors across the country to make mask wearing mandatory.

“Definitely the mask is for the safety of everyone, and we want our client to come in wearing a mask,” says Diallo.

If you don’t want to purchase a mask, but need one, Indianapolis has free masks available online here.

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