INDIANAPOLIS — Local and national public health officials are asking Marion County residents to take part in a new health and nutrition survey.

Marion is one of 15 counties around the country that were chosen to take part in the national health and nutrition examination survey. The survey is done by the CDC to get data relating to the health of Americans broadly.

Local officials say the survey will also help them in planning public health campaigns.

“With this survey, we will be amongst the first in the nation to have access to this critical health care data,” said Dr. Virginia Caine with the Marion County Public Health Department. “So this information can drive our public health efforts, and play a crucial role in helping to keep the city of Indianapolis healthy.”

While it is uncommon for someone to be selected for the survey, the CDC said participation helps them better understand the nation’s health. George Dixon, field director for the program, said people should be on the lookout for people knocking on doors about the program.

“We have field interviewers out knocking on doors, coming and and and trying to talk to people,” said Dixon. “I ask that you please take the 3-to-5 minutes to talk to them and answer some questions about the household demographics to see if anyone is even eligible to participate.”

Badges surveyors will wear to identify themselves

The survey started on May 14 and goes until June 19. They hope to examine at least 335 participants and another 100-150 people to go through the mobile command center.

People selected for the survey will go through an hour-long at-home interview. There is a $25 incentive for participating in the interview. Afterward, they will be asked to go to the mobile center for an exam.

Dixon said if there are any parts of the interview participants aren’t comfortable with, they can skip the question and move on to the next one. They let participants choose what they want to do.

The CDC is offering incentives including transport and childcare to remove barriers for people to participate.