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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. — A Martinsville tow truck driver continues to cheat death, and this time he’s blaming a difficult intersection for his troubles.

We first told you about Brian Wagaman in late December. A car spun out of control while he was on scene at a crash, and it likely would have killed him if he stepped out.

“I would probably say about five or six serious times,” Wagaman said of his extra lives.

On Monday, a car was heading the wrong-way down highway 67 near Centerton Road in Martinsville. The driver nearly collided head-on with Wagaman’s tow truck as he traveled down the highway. There were two cars in the lanes to the right of Wagaman, so he could not switch lanes. Check it out below.

“In between all the brake lights, I saw a white light coming, and saw the cars swerving in front of me,” Wagaman recounted, “I just held on for dear life, and kept going.  Luckily, they swerved, and went off the road.”

Wagaman says that intersection is difficult. A large median separates the north and south lanes of 67 with Centerton Road cutting through the middle.

“I think its an intersection like no other,” said Indiana State Patrol Sgt. Curt Durnil, “It’s an intersection, especially if you are on the four lane, you can’t see everything out the front of your windshield.”

Wagaman says drivers get confused coming out of a nearby gas station.

“People assume it’s a single highway, not a split highway,” Wagaman said, “If you’re not local, it would be really easy to go northbound in southbound lanes.”

There is a “Do not enter” sign by the gas station, and a one-way road sign. Wagaman says at night they can be harder to see given all the activity going through.